District 28 Toastmasters Spring Conference Offer

Welcome Toastmasters!

In celebration of your excellence, I have an excellent offer for you!

Get Your Business on the Web—Or Upgrade Your Existing Site—Hassle Free

Stop Being Invisible!

Having a presence on the Web isn’t a luxury anymore. The Web is today’s Yellow Pages. It’s where your prospective customers and clients look first for information about you. If you’re not there, you have no chance of catching their attention.

A 24/7 Sales Rep

A website lets you provide your prospects with key information—and incentives—that they need to make a decision, in your own words, in your unique style. Let them know why you’re the one who can best meet their needs. Tell them about your special services, offers or products, your location, your hours—anything they might need to know to give you a call.

Build Customer Trust

Your web presence lets your prospects know that you’re stable, that you’ll be around tomorrow if something should go wrong. They’ll know they can reach you when they need to.

Build a Mailing List—and Customer Relationships

Use your site to grab your prospects’ contact information so you can let them know about your new offers and special sales. Build relationships with them by sending custom tips to keep yourself top of mind with them.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

A Small Problem: Websites Require Technical Expertise

Despite all the hype about “website tonight” and “no coding needed,” it still takes expertise to run a website.

The jargon alone can be daunting. Domain Names, DNS, hosting, HTML, the list goes on and on… Now add the confusion of figuring out which hosting company should I use? What platform? Add countless hours scouring Google for tips and tutorials, and you have burned months.

That’s a huge waste of your time!

What if your site was already building an audience and attracting customers all that time?

Enter The Geek Who Speaks People

I speak the jargon. I understand the code. I know the tools. AND I speak “people” too.

I explain things so you understand them. I empower you to make sound, informed decisions with confidence.

Managed Web Hosting

What if you could get all the hard parts done for you, so you can spend your time doing what you are good at?

You can!

My standard web hosting package lets you focus on the things that bring you money and forget about the headaches.

For only $40 per month, you get:

  • A WordPress website
  • Managed security and feature updates
  • Email accounts that match your website name for that professional touch
  • An elegant, professionally designed theme – up to $99.95 value
  • Free access to powerful form creation tools – $39 value
  • 30 minutes per month of email/telephone support
  • Daily backups of your critical data
  • Peace of Mind
 If you need more, I offer additional services on an hourly basis.

My District 28 Toastmasters No Pain-All Gain Special

Here’s My Deal – Complete the little form below before May 15th and I’ll call you to talk with you about your needs. If we’re comfortable with each other, and if your ideas and my skills are a match, I’ll provide you with:

  • Complete set up, including up to six matching email addresses – $80 value
  • First month of free web hosting – $40 value
  • Up to 30 additional minutes of personalized training to get you started creating content – $40 value
That’s a total savings of over $150! But here’s the catch: My availability is limited and I can only accept 5 new clients right now. So if you’re ready to increase your visibility and sales, send me the form below right now—while you’re thinking of it—before the spaces get filled up.

Now you might be thinking, what happens if you have problems?

Don’t worry! As I have proven as the District 28 Webmaster, I’ll be there to keep your site up and running.
I love Toastmasters, and I would love to work with you!

Check out my work!

Ready to get started? Apply now!