WordCamp Chicago 2011

I was lucky enough to share the stage with some cool people at WordCamp Chicago in July 2011. The slides from my presentation are available for download at http://maxim650.com/wcchi-2011. If/when the video from the presentation becomes available this will be updated with a link.

The before and after sites from the presentation are also available.

Panel Discussion: State of the Entrepreneur

The 140 Character Conference came to Detroit in October 2010, and my friendĀ Dave Murray put a panel together to talk about the state of entrepreneurship in Detroit. I was honored to be included in the panel with two people I like and respect Dan Walker (founder of River’s End Consulting), Pat Williams (Realtor and Virtual Assistant).

While the whole twenty minutes is good (I have watched this a few times and taken different things away each time , and I was on the couch!), the highlight starts with Dave’s closing remarks at 14:04. Hilarity ensues about a minute later. (I won’t be offended if you turn the volume down for my answer.)


Theme Selection Presentation at WordCamp Detroit

I presented about picking a WordPress theme at WordCamp Detroit in October 2010. The videos from this finally started hitting the web. You can get the slides from the presentation (with a few enhancements) to click along as you watch the presentation below.

Thanks to the great people at Coefficient Media for recording this.