About The Geek


TJ bought his first computer, a Texas Instruments TI 99/4A, in 8th grade. If the glow of the second-hand TV screen didn’t make it hard enough for his grandparents to sleep, the howling of the dot matrix printer did as he printed painstakingly-coded papers for high school chemistry class.

In college he studied to become a mechanical engineer, but he stayed involved with computers.  Throughout his engineering career he invented opportunities to write simple programs to crunch data as “part of the job.”

The years he managed the Unix and CAD systems for his department were good, but the company nearly crushed his soul when TJ was relegated to working as an engineer again.  (“Engineers” at large automotive suppliers are too busy creating new material for Scott Adams to enjoy any of the fun of  real engineering.)

After finally realizing that the definition of “success” is arbirtary, TJ now embraces his inner geek.  He brings a true passion for integrity, service, and clarity to every project he undertakes.