• What do we do here, anyway?

    Small business owners should have a website that they can manage. We build a website based on your needs. Once you have the site, we make sure that you develop the skills and knowledge to be confident in your ability to manage and update it. The hallmark of our successful client relationship is a meeting that ends with a hug.

Can a WordPress theme be used as your brand?

I received an interesting question recently. I’m using the 2010 theme.  I have not found any other that I like better. Now, I’m advised that I should have the same theme running through ALL of my social media. Is it possible to use the 2010 theme for my LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.? The short answer is, “No.” (In some forums, other people might embellish it with more... [Read more of this post]

Bluehost (Hosting) vs. WordPress.org vs. WordPress.com

I received a question today via email from someone I met at WordCamp Detroit 2011. First, go to these things. The next WordCamp  Detroit is October 6, 2012. They are great educational events. And if you know a few things and are pleasant to people, they will remember (and recommend!) you. Second, the question reminded me just how much ignorance and confusion still exists about WordPress. Here’s... [Read more of this post]

The American Internet Should Remain Free

Do you think the internet is important? It has given me much over the last several years. I have made new friends, educated myself, found fun things to do and share, and been amazed at just how crazy/sad/caring our society can be. My future career and the very livelihood of millions of people depends on the infrastructure, technology, and freedom of the internet. I don’t generally jump on bandwagons... [Read more of this post]

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