Picking a Starting Tool

Recently learned that I need to consider the big picture when designing a new website.

I started playing with GIMP a couple of weeks ago. I found some tutorials on using it, but it really is a different animal than anything else I have worked with.┬áIt is basically a free software package that does (just about) everything that Adobe’s Photoshop does with all of the learning curve, half the support, and none of the cost.

I know a lot of successful people using are using Photoshop, but in my startup mode I can’t afford the software right now.

Today I read this brilliant article by Josh Sears in Web Design Depot. From my past experience as a design engineer, this structured approach makes a lot of sense. It enhances communication between a designer and developer, it serves as a memory-jogger when the designer picks it up later, and it also works with my creative process. I tend to take an ordered approach to creating something new.

I’m going to try to adapt Josh’s approach as I GIMP along for a while to see how things turn out. If you know of any good tutorials or other resources, please share them in the comments.